Solar Installation & Service

Zero Energy provides a complete range of standard and specialized Solar Photovoltaics (PV) (electric) and Solar Thermal (hot water) services. We have been designing and installing solar systems and integrating them with other systems for over 15 years. Key design issues are: performance, durability, warranty period, maintainability, safety, production and energy systems alignment (water heating, space heating& cooling, water pumping.) Our complete Zero Energy Systems do what we say they are going to do and that is save people thousands of dollars over time.

Roof Mount Systems

We use Professional Solar, Iron Ridge, Quick Mount and custom rack systems.

Ground Mount Systems

We use Professional Solar, Direct Power and Water DPW, Iron Ridge and custom racking techniques with an emphasis on visual impact, efficiency, durability and expansion capabilities.

Micro Inverters and Optimizers

ENPHASE, Solar Edge

Battery Back Up and AC Coupled

The new outback Radian as well as the SMA island both over flexible systems that allow for existing grid tie systems to be coupled to a battery type storage systems (AC COUPLED). This is the future of solar in California and other regions where Grid Capacities are reaching their limits and milestones.

Cleaning & Care

We offer an cleaning a maintenance service for our systems. Soiling can be substantial in some areas close to roads, chimneys, vineyards and other areas. Good design can reduce the need for cleaning modules in regions with periods summer fog.

Performance Monitoring

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