HVAC Installation and Service

thermostatOperating HVAC equipment accounts for roughly 1⁄2 of the energy usage in most buildings. Any serious effort to reduce energy usage and increase efficiency will need to focus a large effort on HVAC systems, with residential domestic hot water and water pumping make up another large segment.

Zero Energy Associates has been servicing, designing and installing heating, cooling and ventilation systems since January 2000.

Whisper Quiet Duct Systems

The duct distribution system is a vital component to your heating system and it dictates the level of comfort you will experience.

Our ducts systems are quieter and work better than most people can imagine, we know this is true because that’s what our customers tell us. We have spent the time training and investing $ in our crews, educating all of our HVAC installers on how to properly install one of our Efficiency Duct Packages. We utilize a balanced and well thought out computer assisted distribution design as one of our guides during the insulation, by the time our crew arrives we have already spent 4 to 8 hrs working on the duct system. Our duct installations have, by far, the lowest leakage rates and sound levels.

High Efficiency Furnaces

After a load calculation has been performed, a new furnace can be sized to meet the requirements. A new, high efficiency, natural gas fired furnace is designed to deliver an even, consistent temperature profile. With variable speed settings, the Bryant Preferred Series is competitively priced and offers the ability to combat the coldest part of winter while in the high stage and the low stage heating mode delivers energy efficient comfort. We offer Bryant, Trane, Carrier and York Furnaces.

Heat Pumps & Heat Pump Hybrid Systems

A high efficiency air source electric heat pump may be an alternative to a gas furnace that provides comfort and efficiency without the use of combustion gases. A heat pump uses the refrigeration cycle to extract heat from the air using a condenser and evaporator coil. The main difference between an air conditioner and a heat pump is that a heat pump is able to work in reverse and while doing so, it can pull heat from the air outside and distribute it inside the home in heating mode. In cooling mode it draws heat from the air inside the home and expels it outside. A heat pump can provide between 200-300% efficiency in a well-designed install and can be a compliment to an existing or newly installed solar electric system.





Combined Furnace and Water Heater SystemCombined Hydronic Systems

Modern hydronics technology enables heat to be delivered precisely when and where it is needed. We have many different types of system configurations that are possible. The same boiler(s) may also provide the building’s domestic hot water. A well- designed and properly installed hydronic systems provide unsurpassed comfort and fuel efficiency for the life of the building. We use NTI boilers, Navien Combi boilers. These systems typically are more expensive then a forced air system.

heat-recovery-ventilationHeat Recovery (HRV) and Ventilation Systems

We install Zehnder, Venmar and Panosonic HRVs. These systems can be coupled to a forced air system or installed to operate autonomously.

Mini Heat Pumps 

Mini Split Heat Pumps can be a good solution for structures that do not have space available for traditional ducts. Mini Splits also allow for spot heating/cooling of smaller spaces or zones within a structure or to simply “Take the edge off” during extreme weather events. Global warming has increased the utility of these and other cooling systems.  Mini Split technology can also be used to heat water for Domestic Hot Water or to heat Radiant Floors.






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