Envelope Improvements

Your home’s envelope — the foundation, floor systems, duct work, walls, and roof — includes the places where air escapes. Envelope improvements are an essential step in home energy optimization.

We believe in a bottom-up approach to improving energy performance and comfort. By first passively improving the building envelope (sealing cracks and holes), addressing insulation deficiencies, building leakage and losses from windows and poor or improperly placed weather-stripping, we work to reduce the need for oversized mechanical systems such as furnaces, heat pumps and air conditioners that exist in many homes today. By improving the ability of the home to reach and maintain a comfortable and consistent temperature — installed systems can be downsized and, in some cases, eliminated.

After issues around building performance are addressed, one can consider whether or not solar is an appropriate investment. Weighing a solar investment decision after an energy profile has been created for a building, is a logical approach to assure that solar generation systems are sized to meet the current and future energy demand, saving money for homeowner’s and securing a more positive energy future for our community.

Zero Energy provides three envelope improvement services:

energy-audit-2Sealing Building Leaks

Sealing Building Leaks by applying foam to cracks, adding weather stripping to windows and doors.

It’s important to note that when a buildings leakage is reduced ventilation for combustion safety as well as ventilation for indoor air quality needs to be addressed.


Insulation is your primary defense against heat loss through the house envelope — increasing or installing insulation in the walls, floors, and attics is a critical step to reducing energy costs and working to zero energy. It is critical to install fiberglass batts properly in order for them to do the job, and this is where professional expertise really makes a difference.

Windows and Doors

Replace Windows and Doors

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