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home-energy-auditA home energy audit is often the first step in making your home more comfortable and efficient. An audit can help you assess how much energy your home uses and evaluate what measures you can take to improve efficiency, electrify it or add an energy storage system.

As leaders in Home & Building Energy Conservation, we specialize in conducting energy audits tailored to identify the latest technologies and cost effective opportunities to reduce energy consumption, increase comfort, improve indoor air quality, generate energy savings and lower utility bills. With new energy efficient and clean technologies, there has never been a better time to conduct an energy audit.

Zero Energy Associates utilizes advanced testing strategies and or years of know how to identify energy saving opportunities. A detailed energy profile is created for the building. Using a blower door, air infiltration is measured to calculate building leakage. Blower door analysis can also help to understand weaknesses in the air barrier that are less obvious; for example, around windows, baseboards and other construction/building assemblies. A similar tool is used to analyze the duct system so that the homeowner can best understand how much of each dollar spent to heat or cool the home is being lost into the crawlspace or attic.

During the examination, thermal imaging can reveal specific points of air infiltration, insulation placement issues and other thermal breeches where heat is unintentionally transferred into and out of the building envelope. These deficiencies can be difficult to diagnose without the use of this technology because they are often located behind sheetrock and siding or otherwise invisible to the naked eye.

A full energy model or virtual replica of your home will be constructed using certified design software. Measured window openings, wall space and building orientation are some of the data collected on site during an audit. Additionally, all construction assemblies, window, lighting and appliance profiles, occupancy patterns and insulation levels will be examined and detailed. We will then be able to enter energy improving strategies into the calculation to determine how each measure will affect your home’s overall performance. A complete energy model will allow one to better understand how a home behaves as a system as the final report is presented in a clear and concise package without wasting paper on unrelated, irrelevant energy statistics.

We do the sum and give you the facts and figures to help you decide the most cost effective and easiest ways to reduce energy  usage and start saving money.

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