Project Management

“What Project Management do you Provide?”


Unfortunately we can not do it all so we have developed a core group of “Associates” such as architects, engineers, insulators, energy auditors, third party raters, sheet rockers, painters, roofers and concrete sub contractors to name a few. Each one of our “Associates” has been vetted and knows what our expectations are and that quality is our goal.

When it comes to comfort, energy and environmental conservation a new building or a home has a set of unique challenges . Energy Codes, designers, competing trades, supply chains, budgets, conservation and interior and exterior finishes, local habitat are all variables playing a role todays building projects. Our goal is to fluidly combine these variables making owners and managers confident and enthusiastic about the project.

We understand how buildings or energy systems work years after they have been completed and the ordinary building contractor has long since been forgotten. We protect our clients against the hard to identify building gremlins that can pop up thoughout a build. Our experiences and zest for durability and conservation assure that new projects are extremely durable and easy to own and manage throughout its entire life cycle.