Solar Installation & Servicing SAVE $

“What solar energy options are there?”
“What’s the difference between ground and roof mounted systems?”
“What about panel cleaning and care?”
“How do I know the performance of my solar energy system?”

Commercial solar has become a viable investment strategy for business owners who plan on utilizing a building or property for 10 years or more. Tax credits and depreciation combined with energy savings make for rapid paybacks in the 3-8 year range. Solar systems come with 25 year pro-rated warranties making for long periods of worry free low or zero energy costs for businesses. Once the system has paid for itself companies notice significantly lower operating costs.

ZEA has installed large and small solar electric systems for wineries, storage facilities, gas stations, municipalities, community centers and other types of businesses.

What separates ZEA from other solar companies is that ZEA looks at the “Big Picture” when developing energy strategies:

Where does the business facility use power?

Are these systems at the end of their useful lives?

How can we capture and maximize a building or facilities energy rebates and savings, all available tax incentives and improve the health of its occupants?

Big Picture, including system controls and monitoring, effects on comfort, air quality, durability, experience often equate to scaled savings and ease of ownership that other companies without 15 years of integrating these types of systems cant offer.