Commercial HVAC


Commercial HVAC Systems

Zero Energy Associates designs and installs large and small Commercial Heating and Cooling systems utilizing brands and systems types such as Bryant, Carrier, American Standard, York, Mitsubishi and Daikin VRF and VRV systems, some of which have heat recovery capabilities.


  • Please call  about commercial VRV & VRF system options. Several recent advancements in control interfaces have made these systems more open ended and user friendly.

Standard split type systems with the ZEA “Energy Package” with optimized ventilation control.

A key component of HVAC design build is the use of outside air and a true understanding of the importance of clean breathable air on a building’s occupants as well as the reduced energy demand that can be achieved by the use of outside air? “Outside air, when clean, is a powerful means to create comfort while reducing energy demand.”  The design and implementation of advanced but simple to understand and maintain controls combined with a complete quality installation are paramount in a standard HVAC system design.

Commercial HVAC Preventive Maintenance

Commercial heating and cooling systems require maintenance to keep them operating at optimal and recommended levels. We offer annual, semi-annual and quarterly maintenance programs for these systems and because our company looks at all energy and comfort issues within or surrounding a building we keep a look out for other durability issues that can cause a building owner problems in the future such as clogged roof drains, compromised fuel and electrical lines, utility bill analysis, chipped paint, tree roots, and basically anything we have seen which may cause an energy or comfort issue.