The Zero Energy Difference

The goal of Zero Energy design is to reduce and convert the required energy needs for homeowners and businesses or to “Electrify” or help with partial “Electrification”— to help them near or to achieve net zero energy usage with in a feasible budget while improving their quality of life. 

Zero Energy applies a comprehensive approach to energy and building performance that will reduce your energy and carbon footprint, improve your comfort levels and lower your energy bills. We reduce energy loss “waste” by working with energy generated on-site, typically through the use of solar PV and energy storage.

Zero Energy specializes in  electrifying (Fuel Switch), deep energy retrofits, renewable energy production, energy storage and net zero energy buildings with a focus on extreme comfort. First, we audit or we monitor current energy usage patterns by reviewing billing history, interviewing caretakers, installing meters or a basic walk through of the site. After understanding the parameters and needs, we can implement low cost, optimal energy efficiency measures, upgrade HVAC & DHW systems, implement a fuel switch,  install solar PV (electric), heat pumps or Advanced Energy Systems (AES) and fit it into your budget. By properly aligning the different aspects like fuel types & costs with energy production types and utility  rates/credits, we assure that your systems produce maximum results for generations.

The results include a more comfortable space with cleaner, healthier air to breathe; low or net zero energy bills; and decreased or complete removal from fossil fuel usage lowering your green-house gas emissions and decreasing your carbon footprint.

Considering a new furnace or heating/cooling system, this may be the time to consider a healthy and efficient upgrade that uses clean energy. “No other company has the knowledge and experience this company has regarding Electrifying homes, period.”