About Zero Energy Associates

Working on the cutting edge of home & building performance, we specialize in a comprehensive approach to electrify buildings, improve comfort levels, energy usage, back up power strategies  and carbon footprints and ultimately lowering energy bills.

Zero Energy Associates ZEA, Has its roots in the small progressive Northern California town of Sebastopol ( Sebastopol Heating & Cooling ) and has been serving the entire north bay area and peninsula for over 19 years. Family owned and operated, the company began in Sebastopol as the source for cutting-edge Solar, HVAC, building heating/cooling and solar systems that utilize the most reliable,efficient equipment all installed with superior craftsmanship.

Energy conscious and environmentally motivated, ZEA has played a part in developing (on the side of true stakeholders) current energy rules and conservation programs through tireless work serving on energy related committees, participating in developmental pilot programs for what are now Energy Upgrade California and LEED for homes as well as developing energy computer software and working with building and fire safety officials. Zero Energy Associates continues to pursue advances in technology and system science that will help move our valuable communities toward a more secure and solvent energy future such as  BUILDING ELECTRIFICATION,  Advanced Energy Storage (AES) and cost effective AES controls. Harry Truman’s famous motto, “the buck stops here” is shared by ZEA.

Past experiences working as participating Energy Upgrade California EUC contractor, also with Lawrence Berkeley Labs Commercial Building Partner being BPI Certified, and a participant in the 1000 homes challenge as well as serving on local energy efficiency and GHG boards and committees, we continue to provide resources to our clients for access to available rebates and project financing when necessary. Our commitment to reaching the highest benchmarks for quality, reduction in energy consumption and overall outstanding customer service makes us leaders in our industry.

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